Thursday, October 2, 2008

Suffering for Jesus!

Hi everyone!
Just a quick update....we are enjoying a time away which we desperately needed. I'm sorry to say I won't see you at the Fall Breakaway, but know that my thoughts and prayers are with my sisters who are there. I trust that you are being ministered to and blessed.

I'll be back in full swing soon, but for now.....just relaxing.....


  1. Saturday, October 4, 2008
    Just came back from the most AWESOME conference ever. I missed you so much!!!! You were in my thoughts and prayers. Marsha W was fantastic as usual. Judy Jacobs was the guest speaker last night and this morning. What a combo!!! Those ladies can preach!!!!!
    What a time of revival….renewal….recognition of God’s plan!!! God is sooooo AWESOME!!!!! I KNOW that I have been “picked out” by God….I AM in HIS favor!!!!! He has given me His instructions and I KNOW I can follow through, because He is with me!!!!! I have finally come to a place in my life where I KNOW what God wants from me.
    On Thursday evening around 9:45pm, I was tired and starting to feel bored. Blah!!! Blah!!! Blah!!! I just wasn’t absorbing. Marsha W was doing a great job, but I couldn't get “into” it. She started talking about God’s instructions for your life….knowing what they were….acting on it.
    If you didn’t know what your instructions from God were….she said to stay in your seat….sit alone and quiet….pray and ask God for His instructions....nobody could lay hands on you....this was YOUR time alone with Him.
    If you knew what God’s instructions for you were and you were acting upon them….go to the back of the ballroom and praise Him….sing halleluiah to Him!!!!
    However, if you finally recognized God’s instructions and knew what you had to do….come down to the altar now….Glory to God!!!!! All of a sudden I became ALIVE….I ran down to that altar….I fell to my knees….I started crying, praising and thanking Him. I felt somebody’s precious hand on my shoulder and she started praying with me. I recognized my sister Judy C from Palmetto AG. She is so special to me!!!!! I was so comforted. I had to take my glasses off, I was crying so much. I had my face on the floor. Judy C and I stayed there for about 15 minutes just praying, crying and holding each other up. We finally got up and Deanna came to us and asked us to pray with the ladies at the altar that had not been prayed for yet. I was so honored that she asked me. Me????!!!! At times I don’t feel that I am not worthy enough to pray for these ladies. Why has God “picked me out”? Who am I? Then I realized I am His daughter…. a child of God. He HAS chosen me for specific instruction…. a specific job….spreading His word.
    I know now that I will lift up my sisters and be there for them in their times of trouble….times of sorrow….times of joy….times of celebration.
    There is so much more I will share later. LaDonna, I am there for you (and PK,too). I KNOW where I belong and why. I have your back and nobody will mess with you, my sister!!! "Not with my sister you don't!!!!" See you in the morning!!! Love from MdE

  2. Wow!
    Thank you so much Marcia for this. I appreciate you and praise God for the work He's doing in and through you. I look forward to hearing for from you soon.

    Love you back!


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