Tuesday, October 21, 2008

50 is just a number!

I love this cartoon! Who can afford to retire at 50 anyway?


  1. LOL....

    im there gurlfriend, and im not even close to being able to retire..this was definitely in the JUNE CLEAVER days...lol....

    This is a cute cartoon....dont we all wish we could retire at 50...you arent there yet, so you dont have to think about it yet.. :-)

    In Gods Love.


  2. Yes,
    You are right that I'm a long way from retiring, but not from FIFTY!

  3. 2009 that's our year girl!!!!! You, me, PK, Barb T and Diana H, that I know of for sure. NIFTY @ FIFTY!!!!! We'll have a lot of celebrating to do next year. Have a blessed day!!!! love from, MdE


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