Sunday, March 23, 2008


On Friday my friend Cindy and I went out for lunch, her treat at Panera's. This is one of my favorite spots to go for lunch. We don't have one in our town so if we go to the next town for shopping I enjoy going there for something different.

It was a beautiful spring day as we sat outside and enjoyed the breeze blowing and the sounds of birds chirping. We then realized our mission for the day and reluctantly got up from our leisurely lunch.

We headed toward the stores to shop for the gift bags we usually provide at Times of Refreshing. This is something that I've always enjoyed doing, sometimes I have help, but other times I just do it. It didn't take long and our buggy was full with everything needed.

We're working on all the details and want this to be special for you. The ladies at Abundant Life are excited about hosting this year. They've recently been able to get back into their building as it was destroyed by Hurricane Charley.

It willl be an awesome day! We need you there! Please check out the info from previous blogs to sign up! It's not too late!
The cost is $15.00. Make your check to: Gulf Coast Assembly of God, P.O. Box 8009, North Port, FL 34290. Attn: Times of Refreshing--include your name, address and phone number.

Saturday, March 15, 2008


The theme song from the TV show "The Jefferson's" comes to mind, "Moving on Up!" Our church Gulf Coast Assembly of God has been in a building program for months now. Just this week we were able to move in. The staff and volunteers have been busy as bees getting everything in order for services on Sunday.

We built the new sanctuary on our existing property. This evening I walked over to the old sanctuary, which has become a multipurpose building now, it looked so bare and quite sad. Most everything had been taken over to furnish the new building.

Change is hard for me, but I know that we are fulfilling God's plan for our church and vision God has given our leadership.

I am excited as to what the future holds for us as a church body in our community. God has been good and we have been blessed.

We have to let go of the old so that God can bless us with more. I encourage you ladies to do just that. God wants to do a new thing in all of us. He has so much in store for us! All we have to do is make ourselves available and allow the Holy Spirit to have His way in our lives.

Don't forget to check out the info from previous post regarding "Times of Refreshing". You don't want to miss it!

Saturday, March 1, 2008

My Time of Ministry

A group of 10 ladies and I attended the Inspire Conference 2008 at the Florida Mall Hotel in Orlando this past weekend. Everything--from the praise and worship to the speakers to the hotel rooms--was awesome! (Go Southeastern Singers!) The presence of the Holy Spirit was so real. Everyone who attended was touched and ministered to by God. It was good to see friends from other churches that I have had the privilege of meeting from along the way and pick up where we left off.

It seemed no one wanted to leave Friday night because the presence of the Holy Spirit was so strong we just wanted to stay and basque in His presence. It's nice to get away to these conferences because everyone is there for the same reason to receive more of God. They press in because they hunger and have a need for more of Him in their lives. I find that being in the ministry leaders tend to hide the fact that they have needs themselves and put it aside to tend to the needs of others first and foremost. This is in and of itself a good thing. It is sacrificial and ministering but we are human and we need to be ministered to also. This weekend I just let go completely. I cried my heart out and I received a spiritual refreshening in my life. Now that I am filled up and I go out there tomorrow on the platform and once again minister and give all that I have to enter the others into the presence of God. I encourage you to take advantage of seminars and conferences. They are life changing and can help you dig deeper into the things of God.

Feeling like Aqua

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