Thursday, June 30, 2011

Fall Breakaway 2011

Greeting Ladies,

Just wanted to let you know we have an awesome event coming in October.

Check out the link above for details. Remember the sooner you register you'll receive the Early Bird pricing and save money!


Monday, June 27, 2011

Apples to Apples!

Greetings Ladies,

So I thought I'd let you see some of my apple stuff. I'm not kidding....I've got bunches. In fact, if someone even hints they want to buy me somthing with apples on it...I usally tell them....thanks but no. I have so much as it is.

Someone who stayed in our home for a short time shared with me that they had a dream that they were surrounded by apples. Wow, guess they were traumatized a bit! LOL!

Hope you enjoyed my pics. Sorry about the one upside down!


I'm joining Marty at A Stroll Thru Life for Table Top Tuesday.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Pink Saturday Party June 25

Greetings Ladies,

I'm still getting my feet wet with all these blogging parties. These pictures come from my Foo-foo room as I call it. It's Shabby Chic or some may think it's just shabby, but it's amazing to me how everyone in our family seems drawn to it... even our animals. LOL!

Every morning I go out there turn on my CD player and play soft music and read and meditate while I eat my breakfast.

The pink flowers and pink teapot sit on a small table I re-did last year. I'll share more about that at another time.

The teapot was purchased last year at Marshall's for around $7.00 dollars. I enjoy tea in it once in awhile.

The pretty doily was given to me years ago as a wedding gift. It was hand-made by my grand-aunt.

The pretty pink picture frame is actually a Christmas ornament made by my mother-in-law. It means alot to me as my father-in-law passed away recently, so I keep it up all year in honor of him.

Well, I hope you enjoyed my pinks for my first "Pink Saturday party."

***If I didn't do something quite right....please forgive me I'm still a work in progress!


I'm joining Beverly at

You'll never go hungry again!

We have pets, but one of my favorites is Ebony we call him Ebby for short. He's such a sweet and beautiful boy especially if you knew where he came from.

My husband and I were at the church at the old location working and saw this kitten in the window sill skin and bones meowing like crazy. He was hungry and apparently abandoned. It was pouring down rain....Keith tried to catch him but he was scared and took off.

A couple of days later the kitten showed up again....this time at the front door just crying his little heart out. I couldn't stand it. I went to the kitchen in the fellowship hall to see what I could find to feed him. In the refrigerator were hot dogs so I cut them up in bite size pieces and gave them to him.

Honestly, while he was eating...I heard crying and meowing at the same time! He end up eating 3 hot dogs! That is a lot for a little guy! We stood there watching him gobble them up.

Needless to say, he won our hearts and we took him home that day. He was flea-infested, his coat was matted and dull. We cleaned him up and got him checked out at the vet. After a healthy diet (not hot dogs!) his coat came out black and such a beautiful shiny sheen to it.

To this day, he loves to eat! We promised him that "he'd never go hungry again!" trust me he doesn't either!

Pets are wonderful blessings in our lives. I'm so thankful for this special cat. He brings a lot of love to our home.

He loves my Foo-foo room too!


Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Monday, June 20, 2011

Foo-foo room tablescape

Greetings ladies,

Well, I'm trying this again! At least last week's first entry wasn't a total flop! Tuesday's sure do come around fast though!

Thank you to you sweet ladies that have complimented and encouraged me.

This table top I'm highlighting is in what I call my Foo-foo room. It's a screened in area we closed in, but it's not insulated well. With the summer and hot in Florida. I'm not able to use it that often except in the mornings. It's my place to go and enjoy quite times,read and meditate.

Oh, and by the way....the plates and coffee cups w/saucers were free! Yep, I'm not ashamed to say it...but my neighbor who was moving put them in her trash on garbage day and I rescued them! Can you believe it?

Hope you enjoy my pic's.


Monday, June 13, 2011

Simple Summer Tablescape

Hi Friends,

I've been crazy about tablescapes for sometime now and have wanted to be a part of that "elite" group of women who do this faithfully every week.

This is a very simple tablescape that I did this week only because I'm having to actually use our dining room table to sit and have meals at... it's that or the couch. Sometimes that just doesn't work out if you know what I mean.

We have... had a breakfast nook that we could eat our meals at, but now it's stored in the garage and a desk is in it's place so that I can work from home because of health issues.

My pictures aren't the best as I'm using the camera on my Iphone to take them.

Thank you for letting me be a part of this special day.


P.S. I'm your number one fan and read your blog faithfully.

If I didn't do something right....please forgive me I'll try and get it next time.

Apples and Moving forward

Dear Ladies,

As you know by now I've resigned as Women's rep for Section 13. I would like to keep this blog, but will be changing it to suit me for more of a personal use, but I'll update you on District and Section events as I'm aware of them.

My intent is not to step on any one's toes, but to simply move forward in my life at this point.

I thank you for your faithfulness in reading this blog and hopefully it was a useful tool in giving you the information needed.

The name I'm changing this blog to will be either Apple of His Eye or Apple Lady. I've not totally decided yet. My kitchen is decorated in apples and has a country feel to it.

If you decide to continue reading then you'll learn a little more about me and hobbies I'm enjoying.

If I don't see you before... I'll see you in October at the Fall Breakaway.

May God Bless you and keep you til we meet again!


Feeling like Aqua

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