Friday, June 7, 2013

A Fur baby - Ebony

Hi Friends,

Today I featuring one of my fur babies.  Now that we are emptynesters.  I have them to take care of.  All of us women I guess are that way!  :)

They are so funny...or can be annoying at times.  I feed, water, pet them and sometimes bathe them.  They depend on me to meet their needs.

Ebony is our rescue cat.  We took him in as a skinny, starved kitten that someone had dropped off near our church where I was working.

It was a rainy day and he jumped up in the window sill outside meowing.  We tried to catch him but he ran away.

The next day he showed up again and I went to the fellowship hall kitchen to find something I could feed him.

Well, the only thing I found were frozen hot dogs.  I thawed them quickly and took them to him.  He gobbled 3 up and the entire time he was crying.  It was heartbreaking!  My husband said, that's it!  We're taking him home.

He's been with us ever since and is the best pet ever.  He loves to eat and never misses a meal now as I'm sure you can tell by these pictures.

Ebony's not a lap cat but loves to be near me and sleep at the end of our bed.

I hope you can see his personality in these pictures.  He's very content and gets along with our elderly senior kitty and  dog.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

I'm joining Beverly at How Sweet the Sound for  Pink Saturday.

He loves to be outside in the mornings on our screened porch.  He's all black except for that little white patch.

Pretty eyes

He loves to sleep on the wicker furniture in my foo foo room.

Likes my pink rug.    :)

Ebony actually sat next to this silk flower.  I took a quick pic.  He loved it for some reason.


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