Thursday, February 19, 2009

Aline's Gift

Today I would like to share with you a new endeavor Women's Ministries of Pen-Florida is taking on called "Aline's Gift".

Marsha Woolley, our Pen-Florida Women's Ministries Director will be sending out a packet with DVD and brochures to the churches regarding "Aline's Gift" soon.

Aline's Gift is in honor of Sis. Foy (Aline) Johnson, our former District Superintendent's wife for over 24 years. Sis. Johnson's hearts desire was to be a missionary, but instead she married Bro. Johnson and they had 8 children! She had her own mission field at home.

The purpose of Aline's gift is to bless our missionaries while home itinerating and help them set-up their homes with coffee makers, sheets, towels, etc. Women's Ministries will also provide finances for household appliances while on the field overseas.

This will take the place of the previous Orange Blossom Room. Maybe some of you will remember that from the past.

Aline's gift is comparable to the other ministry departments that do missions fundraising such as Speed the Light, Light for the Lost and BGMC.

I'm encouraging your Women's group to make a pledge. They are taking cash gifts only-- no longer household gifts or gift cards as done in the past. Marsha will then purchase gift cards so that the missionary families can make purchases for the things that they need. Marsha will be able to get more bang for the buck by doing this herself as Wal-Mart has agreed to give them "free money" when she buys the gift cards in bulk. What a blessing!

I've presented this to the leadership at my home church and we are pledging $1000.00 this year towards this missions fundraiser. Many of you can do this or even exceed that amount.

There will be a website for Aline's gift very soon that you can view. I will provide that information when it is up and running.

Thank you for supporting this outreach and having a heart for our missionaries as they sacrifice and give up so much to reach the lost.

We can do this together Section 13 and make a difference!


Monday, February 9, 2009

Pastor Keith's Blog - guest blogger

Publish Date: February 8, 2009 :: Author: Keith Jones

Today, I'm featuring my husband's entry on his recent blog. It encouraged me and I pray it will do the same for you.

Yes! The last year has been tough!

Alright. Last year was a tough one. We all know that. We endured a divisive presidential campaign, a mortgage crisis, rising gas prices, renewed tensions with Russia, bank failures, rising unemployment, sell offs, buy outs, meltdowns, bail outs. Not to mention a storm that literally wiped Galveston, Texas off the map.

It was a tough year spiritually as well. Moral failures and divorces among christian leaders. The trials can tend to drag us down, but trials can be a blessing when we respond biblically. There are a few things every christian should do.

PRAISE GOD. In hard times David always ran to his secret place. Through out his life, praise was always at the forefront. When difficulties closed in on David, he shut himself away and prayed, sang, shouted and danced. When you have been overwhelmed by trials, you must counteract it by declaring your faith out loud.

STAY IN THE WORD. Find your encouragement in the Word, not the daily news. Many Christians think bible study is optional. Yet when adversity comes they experience crisis because they don't have a solid foundation. The Word of God must be our foundation.

BE AN ENCOURAGER. You could be sitting next to someone in church who has abandoned all hope. One word of encouragement from you could lift them out of the pit of depression.

FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT WITH GOD'S PROMISES. The apostle Paul told Timothy to "fight the good fight" by using the word that had been spoken over him (1 Tim. 1: 18). When God gives us promises, we should use them as weapons.

Now is not the time to give up. Don't let the meltdowns discourage you. Praise God and keep believing. You are going to make it. Your best days are ahead.

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