Thursday, July 24, 2008


We are plugging away....

Can't think of anything exciting going on right now, but we are okay. No, we are blessed! Really.

This is what I wrote my pastor's wife friend Linda recently. I really didn't have anything good or bad to share. There was just nothing going on that was monumental in our lives that week.

I remember when our Kim was a little girl in school, my husband, Keith would greet her each day when she came home from school and he would ask her how her day was. She replied it was "ok." Day after day of the same answer Keith finally, one day asked her what would it take for her to have a GREAT DAY and she said, "going to Disney World would be a great day!"

There's a song from my childhood we sang in church that says, "everyday with Jesus is sweeter than the day before." It's true everday with Jesus can be better than the day before.

Well, I didn't go Disney World today, but still had a GREAT DAY because of Jesus!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Dancing on Streets of Gold

Hi Ladies,
It is with much sadness that I mention that a precious woman of God has passed on. If you've kept up with her blog (a link on my blog) you will know the journey she and her husband Milton have been on. Please be in prayer for their family.

Our dear friend will be missed.
(posted today from her husband)

Kristy Dykes
August 2, 1951 ~ July 21, 2008
My beloved is healed and is dancing on streets of gold. I will share soon about her glorious transition from my hand into the hands of her Lord and Savior. She is rejoicing with her mother, father, and dear loved ones in heaven. Funeral arrangements are incomplete. Her Hero

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Nursemaid and Chief Bottle Washer

Last week I decided to take most of the week off and chill out at home. It wasn't quite the week that I had in mind though. The weather was pretty much terrible. It rained everyday until about Saturday.

My husband on Monday became ill and stayed home as well with some "nas & tee" (nasty) bug. Our oldest daughter caught the same "bug" and was home. My week consisted of being nursemaid, errand runner, and goeffer for whatever the two "sick and afflicted" were in need of. (Oh, and also spoke Wednesday night at church for Keith). It was like the week company comes and all you do is cook, clean-up and wait on folks. Not that I minded doing it, just not what I had planned for my time off.

Finally, on Saturday I was determined to get out of the house and go to the beach. After getting everything loaded into the car, gassed up we drove to another town close by and made it to our destination. The water was not the clearest probably because of all the rain. I really wanted to go to a friend's house and use her pool, but earlier she informed me that her pool had turned green from all the rain and couldn't use it and didn't know how to remedy it! Oh well! To the beach we were going anyway!

Both of our girls went because they didn't want their mom to go "alone". We went into the water and splashed around and talked and shared we had some good "girl time" just bonding and catching up on things. It was quite hot and the temperature of the water wasn't as refreshing and all the sudden my oldest daughter who had been sick said, "Mom, I'm sick, I need to go home." The trip was cut short and we loaded up our things and left. It was a quick trip, but at least we were able to go for while.

The hubby and my oldest were both in church today and feeling much better. We enjoyed a "crock pot" meal at home and had a good day.

Tomorrow it's off to work I go, hi-ho, hi-ho!

P.S. I'm really looking forward to the "Fall Breakway"--that will be my time to get way!

Saturday, July 12, 2008


We have a lovely home that God has blessed us with and I'm so thankful! This week I was at the office preparing for a WOW Leadership meeting (Women of Worth) at our church for a wedding shower the women's ministry is hosting this month.

My husband proceeds to call me on my cell phone and tell me he needed me to do him a favor, he was on his way out to the movies with a friend and that we had no water at home. You see, we have a well for our source of water. Our oldest daughter was in the shower soaping up her hair when the water stopped. She came out of the bathroom with bathrobe on and a towel wrapped around her soaped up head wondering why the water had stopped in the middle of her shower. Our youngest daughter was outside washing her car and had it soaped up preparing to rinse it off when the water went off.

After much aggravation I finally found the number for our water guy and reached him to find out he had plans for evening and we would have to wait until the morning for him to come out and find out what had happened!

My girls had to work the next day, so they made plans to find somewhere else they could stay for the night so they could shower and be fresh for work the next morning. So, it was just me and the hubby for the night.

Thank goodness we had plenty of bottled water on hand. I don't know how many times I went to the sink and turn the water on forgetting we had no water. I'm sure that some of you that went through Hurricane Charley can relate to what I'm saying. We went through that storm and were without water immediately.

The next day and a couple of hundred dollars later our well was repaired. The damage hadn't been too bad. Well, I took a shower and flushed (if you know what I mean!). I thanked the Lord for helping us get our water back on! I thanked Him for giving us a well that would never run dry.

My mind went to the story about the woman at the well. Jesus offered her water that she would
never thirst again. She jumped on that and wanted it! Hauling water in the heat of the day probably got old really quick.

Water is something we must have and can't live without. Sometimes we are thirsty and don't even realize it and that can be dangerous! Water is refreshing and fills us for awhile, but we have to constantly replenish our bodies.

Jesus gives us streams of living water all we have to do is drink from His fountain and be refreshed! His water is a precious gift!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008


With the Lord's help we can be Unstoppable! A very talented Woman of God and I'm proud to say friend, is hosting a conference that I'd like to recommend to each of you that are in ministry.

Her name is Pastor Deanna Shrodes, who co-pastors with her husband, Larry in North Tampa, Florida. This conference is coming up soon in September 4-6 in Tampa, Florida at the Hilton Garden Inn.

Last year I was blessed to be able to attend and it truly was a needed time to get away. The Holy Spirit ministered to me in a such a beautiful way. I encourage you go and get away from the cares of ministry. We all need this time to just be ministered to and not have to constantly give out of ourselves. Even Jesus took time away for rest and refreshing.

The registration fee includes a lovely evening meal that was so nice last year. The hotel accommodations were very nice and comfortable.

Check out information to the right under Deanna Shrodes' blog and click on the "Unstoppable '08" link for further details.

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