Thursday, July 24, 2008


We are plugging away....

Can't think of anything exciting going on right now, but we are okay. No, we are blessed! Really.

This is what I wrote my pastor's wife friend Linda recently. I really didn't have anything good or bad to share. There was just nothing going on that was monumental in our lives that week.

I remember when our Kim was a little girl in school, my husband, Keith would greet her each day when she came home from school and he would ask her how her day was. She replied it was "ok." Day after day of the same answer Keith finally, one day asked her what would it take for her to have a GREAT DAY and she said, "going to Disney World would be a great day!"

There's a song from my childhood we sang in church that says, "everyday with Jesus is sweeter than the day before." It's true everday with Jesus can be better than the day before.

Well, I didn't go Disney World today, but still had a GREAT DAY because of Jesus!


  1. my sweet friend,

    One day you will get to Disney.

    A day with GOD is like a day at Disney...The excitement and dreams that come forth with our Lord is so awesome, that it does feel sometimes like a "DISNEY EXPERIENCE"...the "bright" light that he shines upon us, is like the bright lights of Disney...That our DREAMS DO COME TRUE when we keep our eyes UPON HIM. We can dance with our LORD everyday in a HAPPY DANCE.....

    Isnt it great to be alive when you have JESUS everyday of our lives?

    Thanks for doing your know me, i come here all the time to check things out and look so foward when you do a new posting...I really love when i come here for updates for Womens Events...having your blog helps so much, that its just a click away..

    Have a WONDERFUL day....Luv ya

    In Gods Love

  2. LaDonna,

    Always good to hear cheery things from you. You're a joy-bringer. I wanted you to know I sent you an email...I think to your church account so please look there...actually I sent 2 e-mails.

    Love you,


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