Friday, November 11, 2011

Victorian Pitcher & Bowl set

Greetings Ladies,

It's been awhile since I participated in Pink Saturday. It's been crazy lately! Yesterday I went to GW and found something really special to share! Something I've been looking for a very long time and at the right price! Yesterday was the day!

A sweet friend took me to lunch where we chatted over a leisurely lunch and then she suggested that we go GW and I agreed! She found a great deal! A new dress with original price tag of $408.00 and then reduced to $169.99. She paid $17.99 for it in the boutique section! What a deal!

I have some other items that were given to me as well that I'm highlighting today from another friend! I'm so blessed!

This is the item I was speaking about! I've had this dry sink for a long time, but no pitcher or bowl that would fit.

I went on line and saw a set similar to this one. Even down to the detail with the flowers. It was priced at $45.00 if my memory is correct.
Here's the bowl that fits perfectly! I measured it at the store. Because I've been looking for so long I knew how many inches across it had to be! Yay!

Love the pink color and happy I can share on Pink Saturday with you!

This beauty only cost me $19.99 at GW! What a bargain! These sets can be very pricey!

This is another pink set I've had for years that my parents gave me. It sits on the bottom of the dry sink.

Here is the bottom of a tea cup that I mentioned earlier.

The front side of this pretty teacup!

Last but not least from my friend who gave me this adorable teapot. I've never seen one quite like it. I'm going to research it. It's fun doing that!

Hope you enjoyed sharing my pink things!

It's my pleasure to join Beverly at How Sweet the Sound

for Pink Saturday.


Monday, November 7, 2011

Thanksgiving Tablescape!

Greetings Ladies!

Last night I worked on setting up my Thanksgiving tablescape. I have to be honest I wasn't looking forward to today as I had an MRI appointment and I really dread them because closed in and tight spaces really bother me.

So, working on this helped me keep my mind off of it! At least for awhile! :-)

Update: all went well today which I'm so relieved! No panic attacks! They were able to do the IV dye contrast on the first try! Yippee!

I'm really happy with the table this year for Thanksgiving and hope you appreciate it as well!

Ok, enough of the chattering and onto the pictures!


Thanksgiving isn't complete without the pilgrims.

Amber glass goblet - love the color!
Another pic of the amber glass! Someone just gave me a box of these. She was going to give them to GW! Their loss is my gain!

Candlelit close up of centerpiece with leaves.

Candlelit view of table

Bought the napkins at at yard sale and put them with another napkin for added color. Leaf napkin ring.

Sunflower plates which I bought last year.

First time using these dinner and salad plates! So, pretty- called Summerdale Rose - it's a pumpkin color.

Close up of centerpiece again.

View of Tablescape

Sweet little teacup. My MIL sent this to me when they diagnosed me with MS this year. I will treasure this and keep it out most of the time to remember her love to me.

It's my pleasure to join this week:

Sandi at Rose Chintz Cottage for Tea Time Tuesday
Marty at A Stroll Thru Life for Table Top Tuesday

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