Thursday, June 19, 2008


Fall Breakaway
with Judy Jacobs

"Don't Miss Your Moment"
October 2-4, 2008
The Florida Hotel and Conference Center at the Mall in Orlando

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Sunday, June 15, 2008


My husband Keith and I were suppose to go on vacation last week, but it wasn't meant to be. A friend of ours offered a cottage in the mountains of North Carolina, but with the prices of gas, food and hotels we just couldn't go. I was disappointed to say the least. The day we were to leave my husband ended up in the Emergency room with what they thought initially a "heart attack". Like my earlier blog, thank God he did not have one. He did have a three day stay in the hospital though.

A precious lady in our congregation passed away later in the week, so we were needed for funeral arrangements and my husband officiated the service.

Recently, I've heard of the term "staycation" I asked Keith what this meant--so I looked it up today and have included a paragraph about this newest trend in our country.

Keith & I have been so blessed to go away at times and I'm not complaining or having a pity party. It wasn't meant to be.

Working in ministry can be very stressful, especially after going through a building program such as we have just come through.

Hopefully, we can get away but if not we can always take a "staycation". Read the article below.

By Jennifer C. Yates
Associated Press Writer
updated 1:30 p.m. ET, Wed., March. 12, 2008

UPPER ST. CLAIR, Pa. - Like a suburban stalker, I have watched from my front window as various neighbors packed body boards in their SUVs and headed to the Jersey shore, set off for a week at a North Carolina mountain resort, and jetsetted to Las Vegas.
I admit it. I suffered from vacation envy.

But after spending a relaxing two-week vacation at home with my family — with no packing, no airport delays, and no backseat chants of "Are we there yet?" — I was refreshed. It was just the vacation I needed. I recommend it to anyone who sighs with that sad Sunday night feeling each weekend when it's clear daily living requires more time and energy than a typical week can offer.

Thursday, June 5, 2008


Hi Ladies!

You never know what may come your way. That's why it's so important to read God's word and put on your armor. Lately, the Lord has dwelt with me on this. We literally need to put on his armor everyday.

Every morning I put on the helmet of salvation, the breast-plate of righteousness, the belt of truth, the shoes for the preparation of the gospel. I carry the shield of faith and lastly I carry the sword of the spirit (which is the word of God). It's important to speak this out loud so the enemy can hear this! Don't get caught without your armor on!

My husband Keith who is a pastor went to the hospital on Tuesday to visit someone in the ER from our church and ended up in the ER and hospital himself. He was experiencing chest pain and pain in his arm. His blood pressure was extremely high and this is with blood pressure medication!

Praise God he did not have a heart attack! He'll be fine with the Lord's help! I encourage you to put on God's armor daily and cover your spouses and family with the blood of Jesus. We need to be prepared for what the day brings each of us!

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