Saturday, August 24, 2013

Long Hot Summer!


Just wanted you to know I'm still's been a long hot summer!

Can't believe it's been since June that I posted last.

The reason I haven't blogged is because my computer died and we had to get a new one and the software on this computer we have now has been driving me CRAZY!

It's been the most frustrating thing I've used in a long time!

I've begged my hubby to please take this new software off and let me have the old one, but he says it's not available on the new computers!  Yikes!

It's the most UNFRIENDLY software ever.....  If you have an older version of Microsoft windows I advise you keep it unless you want the upgrade.  OK, I digress....

There were some new pink items I'd love to show you, but another time.  Computer isn't cooperating with me.  LOL!

Today I'm happy to join Beverly at How Sweet the Sound for Pink Saturday.

You've seen these before but thought you might get a kick out of them again.

Two good friends of ours.  These guys were goofing off!  Truck belongs to the wife of the man in green shirt.
This door is on an island we enjoy going to.  Boca Grande Island.
I loved this  little fan.  It quit working.  Sad face   :(
This gas pump is located also on Boca Grande Island

Well, these will have to do today.  Until next time!


Friday, June 7, 2013

A Fur baby - Ebony

Hi Friends,

Today I featuring one of my fur babies.  Now that we are emptynesters.  I have them to take care of.  All of us women I guess are that way!  :)

They are so funny...or can be annoying at times.  I feed, water, pet them and sometimes bathe them.  They depend on me to meet their needs.

Ebony is our rescue cat.  We took him in as a skinny, starved kitten that someone had dropped off near our church where I was working.

It was a rainy day and he jumped up in the window sill outside meowing.  We tried to catch him but he ran away.

The next day he showed up again and I went to the fellowship hall kitchen to find something I could feed him.

Well, the only thing I found were frozen hot dogs.  I thawed them quickly and took them to him.  He gobbled 3 up and the entire time he was crying.  It was heartbreaking!  My husband said, that's it!  We're taking him home.

He's been with us ever since and is the best pet ever.  He loves to eat and never misses a meal now as I'm sure you can tell by these pictures.

Ebony's not a lap cat but loves to be near me and sleep at the end of our bed.

I hope you can see his personality in these pictures.  He's very content and gets along with our elderly senior kitty and  dog.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

I'm joining Beverly at How Sweet the Sound for  Pink Saturday.

He loves to be outside in the mornings on our screened porch.  He's all black except for that little white patch.

Pretty eyes

He loves to sleep on the wicker furniture in my foo foo room.

Likes my pink rug.    :)

Ebony actually sat next to this silk flower.  I took a quick pic.  He loved it for some reason.


Monday, May 13, 2013

Where has the time gone?

Hi Friends,

It's been months since I blogged....maybe you know that or not.  I can't believe we're in May.

Life has been busy...that's all I can say.  The days have flown by.

Our daughter is getting married in the Fall.  Mr. Wonderful and I flew up to Virginia last month to help with wedding plans.  While we were there our daughter took me to a Tea Room.

Just so you know... I keep up with many of you even though I've not commented.  I look forward to your post weekly.

Thank you! I appreciate you taking the time to write faithfully.  I learn so much and enjoy the
information you provide.

Today I'm just sharing a few random pics so you can see what I've been doing lately.  I'm including pics of the Tea room that Jess took me to.

The weather is beautiful today in Florida.  I keep running outside because it won't last even til the end of the week.
Hope you are doing well.


I'm pleased to join the following parties:

Marti at Inspire Me Tuesday
Sandi at Tea Time Tuesday

Jess in front of the Tea Room.  This is called the Russell house.  It was
built in 1792 located in Abingdon, Virginia

Loved the plates! Everything was purple.

Tea cup.  I added the flower!  :)

Outside the front.  So cute!

I really enjoy using linen napkins!

Our teeny tiny cupcake for dessert.

Saw this in the gift shop.  Loved it.  

Child size tea set w/ bears.  Not a great pic.

This would be easy to make! An envelope with card inside.  Do you see the cute burlap clothepins?

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Belated Valentine's Decorations

Hi Friends,

Last night my husband and I were watching Jay Leno.  In his monologue he mentioned that you can't find a belated Valentine's card.  You can buy them for birthday's, etc.  He said, if you missed it you really blew it!

Well, I hope I've not blown it!  This is Valentine's week so I'm sharing the tablescape I worked on for February.  Since over Christmas I decked out our home in reds I chose to decorate in pink's for Valentine's. 

We have cold weather and a freeze expected tonight for Southwestern Florida.  Just covered our delicate plants that could die outside with sheets, pillowcases etc.  It's funny to drive through the neighborhood and see these monster sheets all over folks yards!  LOL

Hope you are staying warm where ever you are and sharing in celebrations with your loved ones!

This weekend I'm proud to be a part of:

Beverly at How Sweet the Sound for Pink Saturday
Sandi at Rose Chintz Cottage for Tea Time Tuesday
Marti at A Stroll Thru Life for Tabletop Tuesday
Home Sweet Home

Centerpiece from GW and loved the hearts from HL.

Individual place setting

Pink Tea cup.

Cute little heart box picked up at DT years ago.

Another shot of Centerpiece with pink ribbon and pearls
View of table
This is a simple wreath front door

I loved how the bow came out!  Never have worked with such wide ribbon.

Final view of tablescape.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Winter Wonderland in Florida!

Hi Friends,

Yes, we have winter in Florida but not today.  I think the temp's were in the 80's and it was quite balmy for January.

I realize that this is a late entry, but wanted to be part of the Tuesday events!  Putting tablescapes together takes a lot of work of trial and error for me.  By the time there are completed  I'm pooped and don't even think about taking pictures.

In the early part of January I hosted a ladies meeting at my home and had the table set like this below.

Thank you for your grace and allowing me to post this!  LOL

It's my pleasure to be a part of:

Marti at A Stroll Thru Life for Tabletop Tuesday

Sandi at Rose Chintz  Cottage for Tea Time Tuesday.

A snowflake hand towel

I love this winter scene in the woods with the snow.  This is a very small painting.

Popular candle holders right now. Can't think of the name.

I found the napkins at TJ Maxx on clearance and the ribbon at DT.  Made my own napkin rings.

I fell in love with these dessert plates with tea/punch cup.  Love the snowflake!
They were in a garage sale and didn't sell.  The owner gave them to me later.  :)

Setting with silver chargers.

Snowflake and silver ornaments from Christmas on a Silver platter  purchased at GW

Another view  - see crystal candle holder and silver S & P

The view with candlelight - lights on

View with lights off.  Ahh...


Friday, January 18, 2013

Yes, it's 2013

Hi Friends,

It's hard to believe it's been since early November last year that I blogged. 

The holidays were wonderful but took a toll on me.  I've been so busy since before Thanksgiving thru the first of this year with company and entertaining.

Today I had a treatment for an autoimmune disease I'm dealing with.  I've enjoyed so many tablescapes and vignettes, but just didn't have the energy to take the pictures and post them.

I'm exhausted or should say....fatigued but wanting to get back in this hobby that I love and share it with you.

Just a few pictures...they are all repeats.

Favorite small pillow from a dear friend who has passed away.
Such a delicate tea cup with saucer.
Mama Gail made this for me years ago for Christmas.  I put it out every year in memory of her.
I left my Christmas tree of last year and made it into a Valentine's tree.
Wonderful memories at the Trinkle Mansion Bed and Breakfast a few years ago.  Love the Country Roses teacup.
Couldn't believe it when I saw this!  Deserves to be repeated.  Gasparilla Island.
I'm joining Beverly for Pink Saturday at How Sweet the Sound.
and Sandi at Rose Chintz Cottage.

Thanks for checking them out.


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