Monday, June 13, 2011

Apples and Moving forward

Dear Ladies,

As you know by now I've resigned as Women's rep for Section 13. I would like to keep this blog, but will be changing it to suit me for more of a personal use, but I'll update you on District and Section events as I'm aware of them.

My intent is not to step on any one's toes, but to simply move forward in my life at this point.

I thank you for your faithfulness in reading this blog and hopefully it was a useful tool in giving you the information needed.

The name I'm changing this blog to will be either Apple of His Eye or Apple Lady. I've not totally decided yet. My kitchen is decorated in apples and has a country feel to it.

If you decide to continue reading then you'll learn a little more about me and hobbies I'm enjoying.

If I don't see you before... I'll see you in October at the Fall Breakaway.

May God Bless you and keep you til we meet again!



  1. LaDOnna,
    Luv you with all my heart. I know this decision was not an easy one for you and you prayed and sought after God and He gave you the confirmation. You will be missed as Section 13 REP you did such an awesome job. Your dedication has been such an inspiration to so many. I have had the privilege of being beside and helping you and it was so special.

    As God moves you foward into something NEW and He will be, let all us who know and love you be beside you each step of the way.

    I am proud to be your FRIEND and even more proud and honored to be YOUR SISTA!! luv you...cindy

  2. Definitely DO NOT name it Apple Lady. It makes you sound crazy to the likes of cat lady, old lady, bag lady, you get my drift. Apple of His Eye is perfect-o.

    your daughter

  3. Thank you Cindy! I love you too! I appreciate your encouraging words.

    And to Kim, my daughter I'll stick with Apple of His Eye. I don't need to sound any crazier than I am! Love, Mom

  4. Love the name apple of his eye. I too have an apple kitchen and never tire of it.


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