Saturday, October 1, 2011

Pink Saturday

Hi Ladies!

Today we woke up in Florida with cooler temps and lower humidity! I've waited very patiently all summer for this! I'm so thrilled you just don't know! I realize for it to be cooler here some of you are having cold weather! I would trade spots with you, but that's not possible at this point in my life!

I have more pink's from the surprise celebration that the ladies gave me a couple of weeks ago! Hope you enjoy my special pink items!

My friend Tammy gave me this cup with the heart below. It means so much because it says friend!

Sorry this picture is sideways. After the surprise brunch my daughter took me to get a pedicure! It was the deluxe one with all the special treatments! Wanted to show off my toes! I think I have cute feet! I's crazy! My husband has always said he hates feet and thinks they are ugly. If you take take care of them and paint them...they are quite pretty! LOL!
Another view of all my treasures received that day!
A very unusual cup. Very tiny and delicate! So pretty!
Here's another one similar to the one above! Love the pink's and gold! Thank you all!

The heart that came with the friend cup! How appropriate! As Tammy's Women's ministry is called Heart 2 Heart! Thank you Tammy!

It's my pleasure to join Beverly at How Sweet the Sound for Pink Saturday.

With much Love and Hugs,


  1. Love your tea cups! Love the painted toes! Your blog is so beautiful. Visiting from Pink Saturday!

  2. I love Saturdays, lots of Pinktastic stuff to see. Thanks for sharing your beautiful pink!

    My Pink is here, hope you can come by and see. Have a great week weekend!

  3. Very nice pedicure! I love tea and tea cups, too! Your cups are beautiful and I love that heart shaped plate! Happy Pink Saturday! Cindy
    P.S. I'm your newest follower!


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