Monday, December 1, 2008

Birthday's and Christmas!

Tonight my oldest daughter had a great revelation. She brought up the fact that a month from tomorrow I will turn 50 years old!

She asked me if I was okay with that. I said, I don't think I have a choice. It's coming like Christmas.... ready or not here it comes! One year we were running so behind for Christmas we were literally shopping for Christmas gifts on Christmas eve. We barely got the gifts wrapped and under the tree to have them ripped open by our girls.

This year looks a bit slim, but that's OK. There is more to it than just buying and giving gifts. As believer's we know we're celebrating much more than that.

So ready or not Christmas is coming and 50!


  1. LaDonna, you are absolutely going to be a FABULOUS 50. I am believing this will be your BEST YEAR YET.

    I love you my friend!

  2. Thank you Deanna! I like that Fabulous! It's better than Nifty!


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