Monday, December 15, 2008

Angel Dog vs Demon Dog

A picture of a ShihTzu
Last week my husband and I went to Virginia to visit his family. His parents are getting older and with health problems they don't travel that much anymore. The weather was quite chilly compared to what we have here in Florida. We even saw snow flurries one day and the temperature dipped down to 3 degrees one night!

We enjoyed visiting them and seeing other family during our time up there. The only thing that made our trip unpleasant was their dog, a Pomeranian "Honey Pot" as they lovingly call her. She barked all the time and I'm not exaggerating. If you moved or got up she barked. One night I had to visit the little girls room and because I couldn't see that well I tripped and knocked something over. She went berserk! Everyone in the house was awaken. You would have thought burglars were breaking in by the viciousness of her barking and growling.

Keith was becoming quite weary of all this noise after the third day and grabbed the dog and said "Come out you foul spirit of bark!" His mom from the other room said, "I heard that!".

We have a ShihTzu and her name is Precious and yes....she really is precious! She barks to warn us when someone is at the door or if she has to go outside and do her "good girls" as we call them (potty), but that is the extent of it.

We were happy to get back home to our little puppy dog and not have to listen to the constant barking. His parents love their dog just the way she is, but I'd take our dog any day over theirs...ours is an angel!

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