Friday, November 14, 2008

Beauty for Ashes

Cindy Nelson is a part of our church where my husband and I pastor. The Lord brought Cindy to Gulf Coast Assembly and He has done a great work in her life. She had the opportunity to be interviewed by Erin Campbell of Water Through the Word Ministries. Please click on the link below and hear her interview.

Please note that some of the material in this interview is not intended for children.

"Beauty for Ashes" Cindy Nelson airs Sunday, Nov. 16th - 7:30am

"My father didn't play in ways that was normal for a child of 6 years of age."- Cindy Nelson speaks on Water through the Word RADIO From the outside looking in, Cindy functioned as a normal, happy child. All her friends, teachers and extended family members thought she lived in home filled with great love and acceptance, but the truth of what was really happening at home would remain hidden for years. Today, Cindy shares for the first time in public, the real life experiences she suffered as a child of an alcoholic father. This story ends with great HOPE! Miraculously, the moment Cindy met her Lord Jesus Christ, all the painful memories and broken self image would begin to be supernatural healed! God has truly given her beauty for ashes.

WARNING: Because of the sensitive nature of this discussion, we strongly urge parental responsibility while listening to this story in the presence of children. Listen to Cindy Nelson's show now! Check out her blog on my blog list called In God's Love.

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  1. Thank you LaDonna for posting my show here....

    We serve an awesome God...He's with us even when we dont know he is....

    As painful as that was to listen to, I know God had prepared me to share this....My desire was to let women know that they are not alone in this type of situation.....

    Thank you again for posting this...

    In Gods Love



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