Friday, July 8, 2011

Pinks for Pink Saturday! #3

Greetings Friends!

Hope you've had a nice holiday week. Our 4th got rained out, but it did finally clear enough for our town to do their annual fireworks. It was quite a display. I enjoyed it without leaving home and fighting all that traffic. That was great!

My pinks this week mostly are coming from my foo-foo room as I call it. I have a lot of pink in there so I'll have something to work with for awhile anyway! LOL!

This shell came from a special trip to the Carribean. I'll never forget how beautiful it was there. It is in my window sill in our master bathroom to enjoy.

My youngest daughter Kim was so thoughful and bought these items for me because she knows how much I enjoy things like this.

This is my favorite mug to drink out of. It's getting worn and sometimes I have to fight to use it as my girls enjoy drinking out of it too!

One of my precious friends who passed away a few years ago....gave me this little pillow. I think of her often and how she made an impact on my life. She is missed dearly.

These pillows are so comfortable and they are on my love seat in my room. I spend much time leaning on them!

I bought this journal notebook on our recent vacation and love the silver heart with the pink.

Well, I hope you enjoyed my pinks and the meanings behind them. I guess I'm so sentimental! Are you?

I'm following Beverly at How Sweet the Sound for Pink Saturday!



  1. Happy Pink Saturday!

    Have a blessed weekend:)

    Kay Ellen

  2. Enjoyed visiting your blog ad seeing all your pretty favorite pinks.

  3. Lovely seashell....
    My girls used to want to drink out of my favorite mug too. I solved that when I bought them their own bone china mugs.
    Have a pinkishly beautiful weekend.

  4. Happy "very late" Pink Saturday! Oh, LaDonna, I love that little pillow from your friend. it is just so sweet!

  5. Hi LaDonna, beautiful pinks....just too gorgeous.

    Happy Sunday to you!

    Hugs, Barb

  6. I enjoyed visiting your blog. Is the pink croc cover a Bible cover?
    Lovely place.
    Happy Pink Saturday!


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