Saturday, January 3, 2009

The Big One!

This weekend my sweet hubby arranged for him and I to go to Mt. Dora, Florida. It's one of my favorite spots here in Florida. It was decorated with lights for the Christmas season. When you get to the downtown area, you don't feel like you're in Florida. There are small shops of everything you could imagine. Bed and Breakfast, tea rooms, and antique shops are just a few things that Mt. Dora has to offer.

We stayed at the Lakeside Inn right across from Lake Dora. The hotel is quaint with comfortable rooms. This property is over 100 years old and has a beautiful wrap around porch with rockers to sit and enjoy the sunsets looking towards the lake.

Another place we went was the Garden Gateway Tea room. This is one place that I look forward to going when we get to Mt. Dora. It is decorated totally with the ladies in mind--it's all foo-foo. You do see men in the restaurant with their wives. My husband says, as a man you have to be confident in your manhood to go to a place like that! I thanked him over and over for treating me to lunch there yesterday! They serve a wonderful Sherry Carrot Bisque soup! I love it! It's topped with whipped topping and almonds. I've tried to duplicate it before, but have never been able to and, of course, they won't give out the recipe. It was served with a yummy chicken croissant sandwich.

For dinner we ate at the hotel's restaurant and were serenaded with live piano dinner music. I had the Queen's portion of Prime rib, with a baked potato and salad. The end of the evening we took a stroll through the park and enjoyed the Christmas lights.

A very nice weekend get-a-way to celebrate the BIG ONE, my 50th birthday!


  1. Happy Birthday my sweet friend,

    I'm so glad you got to go to your favorite spot...Arent our hubbys wonderful?

    My dear, you dont look 50 at all...You still look young and radiant...

    See told you it wasnt bad turning the BIG wait to have our girls day on saturday...

    Mt. Dora looks beautiful...and you even got Pastor to go into the FOO FOO tea room, now thats what i call LOVE!!!! but, you are worth it...

    Luv ya lots


  2. LaDonna,

    Oh how i would love to go there...I give Pastor alot of CREDIT for doing the FOO FOO really really loves you, which we all know, but this is REALLY LOVE..dont know if i could get carl to do the Tea room thing or

    It looks so peaceful and serene...

    I just love the pics and so happy that you got to go....

    See you soon...

    luv ya


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