Sunday, September 7, 2008

Unstoppable -- God ordered!

This weekend I had the pleasure to attend the "Unstoppable" a conference hosted by Pastor Deanna Shrodes of Tampa. It began Thursday evening with a beautiful meal we shared. It was so good to see my friends Joy, Tammy, Alice, Judy, Melissa and others. I met Jessica from Oklahoma--she was such a sweet young lady! How precious it was to share and break bread with these awesome women of God. There were ladies from all over the United States that had come to be a part of this weekend. Praise and Worship was awesome under the leadership of Jennifer & Wayne Lee and Southeastern Singers that travel with their ministry. The worship was intense and anointed!

Pastor Deanna shared the word that first night. She spoke to my heart especially with what I've been walking in lately. She was transparent and open. I thank God for her. Ministry can be very difficult with decisions that have to be made. Lives are at stake and you want to make sure you are hearing from God.

During the day on Friday there were awesome workshops available. I especially enjoyed Tara Sloan's "Principles for Handling Transition Without Losing Your Mind." (I'll share my notes from this on another blog.) Friday evening was another great evening of Worship and a message from Tara Sloan. Check out her blog at I've always enjoyed Sandy Phinazee's workshops "Habits of Highly Effective Women in Ministry." Sandy hosts the Inspire Conference every year at the Florida Mall Hotel in Orlando.

After the Friday evening service the hotel kept their restaurant open so we could eat. We pulled tables together with a bunch us together we shared true stories that have happened in ministry. We laughed and laughed until we were crying! Someone asked me today how it went and I said "God ordered." Just what I needed--laughter. . . a merry heart doeth good like medicine. We were up til 1:00 am and then had to get up early for the next day! One thing is for sure, you don't get much rest. But it is so worth it!

Saturday morning was a panel discussion with questions and answers. These women had so much wisdom as they are all in ministry. What a blessing each of them were.

The Lord met me there this weekend and I was ministered to. It was a much needed time away. It gave me the push to press on and know that everything is gonna be all right! Yep, it was not what the Doctor Ordered, but what God Ordered.


  1. LaDonna ... I so enjoyed meeting you too! I am looking forward to staying connected!

  2. LaDonna,

    I am so happy that you were able to go to this conference....YOu needed that fresh annoiting from GOD and the HOLY SPIRIT.....and to have the opportunity to hear the WORD of GOD in a new and refreshing way....this definitely was a GOD ORDAINED trip for you...and i am thrilled you were able to go....I cant wait to hear more about were glowing yesterday when you were playing the piano in church yesterday...i saw a PEACE about you, that was so awesome....

    I love you girlfriend...

    In Gods Love,

  3. I didn't see you email so I am commenting on your blog. Deanna use to be in Potomac District where I am a licensed minister.

    I found you on blogger under women’s ministry. I thought you might like to check out my website and blog… and I am also on facebook and have a network of women in ministry you may be interested in if you are on facebook. Look me up…Cheryl Turnbull or mentoring women in ministry. Hope you enjoy.



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