Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A Madhatter's Tea

This past Saturday I was invited to attend a Tea at my friend Paula's church, Harvest Chapel Christian Fellowship in Bradenton. She told me that the girls ministry, the Missionettes were hosting this event. I brought guests Jennifer our Youth Pastor's wife and daughter from our church.

We really didn't know what to expect. We walked in and everything was decorated whimsical, somewhat like a fairy tale setting. Each table was loaded with all kinds of goodies from finger sandwiches to desserts. They had PB & J sandwiches, pickles, chicken salad, cute little pretzels dipped in chocolate with sprinkles, brownies and more.

The Missionettes wore these adorable pink hats that they made and decorated themselves. Oops! I forgot to mention, first thing they gave us were colored paper clips and we were instructed that there were three words we weren't allowed to say the whole afternoon. They were "tea", "hat," and "party." It didn't take long and I ended up losing my paper clips which was great because I could say tea as many times as I wanted!

We were all settled eating and all of a sudden someone blew a fog-horn and instructed us to gather our things plates, tea and move to another table. Every fifteen minutes we had to get up and play musical chairs, one good thing that came of this was I met new friends that I wouldn't have met before. We moved a total of five times!

They also gave "unbirthday" gifts! This was a nice surprise until I had to give it to the person beside me, but then I received another gift afterwards that was just as nice! Cute game!

My girls informed me that this party is based on the Alice in Wonderland book. Somehow in my childhood I missed this story and the movie! Oh well! We enjoyed ourselves this past Saturday!

The afternoon ended with a sweet presentation from Celeste, the Children's Pastor from Harvest Chapel Christian. She presented an interesting message illustrating with shoes. From Cinderella's slipper, giant clown shoes, combat boots and the sandal representing Jesus. There were many children there and she kept their attention.

She told the story about Mary that washed the feet of Jesus with the Alabaster box filled with perfume. At the conclusion, she washed her mother's feet and encouraged others to do the same.

It was a fun and interesting afternoon. A different kind of "Tea Party!"

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