Saturday, May 10, 2008

Circle of Friends Tea

Today our church hosted a tea called "Circle of Friends." Our ladies hosted tables and decorated them each so beautifully with their own china and personal taste. Each table was different but they all were so lovely!

Special music was by Tracy, a young woman in our church that sang an appropriate song, "Circle of Friends" by Point of Grace.

We were honored to have our long time friend, Tammy Young from Church of Hope in Sarasota, come and minister to us. It was a busy week for Tammy being at District Council. We really appreciated her coming today.

She surprised all of us coming in from the back of the auditorium in costume as Elizabeth from the story of Elizabeth becoming pregnant with John the Baptist.

She ministered in drama and made quick wardrobe changes as she went into different characters from Elizabeth to Mary and then Hannah. She brought perspective to each character as they were all at different stages in their lives but trusted that the Lord would be with them in their journeys.

Elizabeth and Mary were cousins but close friends too! She shared how valuable friendship is and that we need friends that share in the good times and bad. How important it is that they stand up for you and not gossip about you, that they will protect your back!

Tammy shared how we need friends that will encourage, support, be there for us, and pray for us!

I'd like to introduce a friend in my Circle of Friends, Rev. Deanna Shrodes from Tampa Northside Assembly. Many of you have heard her speak before. I'm including her as a link on this blog. She always has something interesting to share.

I am so thankful for the friends that God has placed in my life at this time. May we always show love, kindness and cover each other's back!

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