Sunday, April 13, 2008

Post-Times of Refreshing

It's hard to believe Times of Refreshing has come and gone so quickly! It seems we were just planning for this event and now it's over. Kellie Williams, our guest speaker, a cute little petite blond-haired woman with pizazz (and a little bling) not only spoke but the girl preached! Kellie spoke about "Living with Passion on Purpose." The thing that stuck out most to me about what she said was spurring one another to act. We are to urge and encourage one another in the Lord. Kellie said when she and her family moved back to Florida from Michigan her husband was finishing his education and neither were bringing in a paycheck. They had some money in savings to live off. In not having any income for a little while the money kept going out and not being replenished. They bought a fixer-upper home and were working in the yard one day when her husband said that their next project was to do yard work and paint the home of a family at church and they were going to pay for it too. Kellie said she about had a fit because they hardly had enough money themselves. But they did it anyway. God did provide for them but it was hard for her to do that. Later on she felt good about helping the family. The daughter has an illness and is in constant pain that doctors cannot do anything to relieve. It's kind of like the movie Pay It Forward. We are to spur one another to bless others and not only bless others but to be looking for opportunities to bless others.
Also, the story stuck out to me because the current economy is not that great. My daughters, after 4 MONTHS of graduating college are STILL looking for jobs--no, not just a job--ANY job. Boy could my girls and I relate to that story she shared. But we are still plugging along, trusting God, and blessing others in the ways we can (time, energy, and talents).

Overall, the day was great. I am very pleased with every detail of the conference. Thank you for coming!

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