Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Aline's Gift

Dear Ladies:

I posted this on our church's blog for our Women's Ministries at my home church. I hope you are working on reaching your goals this year for Aline's Gift. Remember you only have a few weeks to get your monies in for credit this year. Hoping you have a wonderful Christmas!

LaDonna Jones
Section 13 Rep.

Hi Ladies!
Merry Christmas! Hope you are staying warm! It is SO COLD for us Floridians! I covered my plants last night hoping that they don't freeze and die!

My mother-in-law who lives in Virginia said they just don't bother with that up there! Normally, I wouldn't either, but I had just planted some new plants in my flower garden in October when the weather was in the 80's and I sure don't want to lose them already!

I just wanted to report to you that we've done really well between the Silent Basket Auction and Bake Sale. With these two fund-raisers our final total is $1825.20! We are so close to making our goal of $2000.00 this year!

Miss Sue is working on a little project and will probably send more monies in to help towards our goal! Yay!!!!

If God speaks to your heart, would you make a donation towards this before the end of the year? We must send our monies in before the year ends.

Thank you so much for your help and with us working together I know we can do it!

To God Be the Glory!

Love & Hugs,
LaDonna Jones
Women of Worth Director
Gulf Coast Assembly of God

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