Saturday, April 4, 2009


This year is the year of landmarks in my life. I turned 50 early this year and my husband, Keith will turn 50 in May. Yes, I am a few months older. He gets a big kick out of telling our congregation how much older I am than he! But everyone tells me that I look younger, so that brings me much satisfaction. :)

On Monday, April 6th we will be celebrating 30 years of marriage! I almost can't say it or believe it! It sounds like we've been together forever!

We looked at each other today and said, "where has the time gone?" Our girls are in their mid 20's and single. We pray for good Godly men to come into their lives, and we know that one day we'll have grandchildren.

Our marriage has been good, but like everyone we've been through those hard times. If weren't for the Lord our marriage wouldn't have survived.

There was a time that my husband walked away from the Lord and ministry. That was a trying time in our lives. Our girls were little and I was determined to take them to church and bring them up in the ways of the Lord.

Being a stay at home mom part of that time allowed me the opportunity to get in God's word and intercede for my husband and family. Keith was a miserable person during those years because he was running from the call on his life. I wanted to quit and throw in the towel, but realize God's strength and grace helped me tremendously at that point in our lives.

My husband is my best friend. We share everything. He says, I'm like Jesus because everywhere he goes I go. We live together, work together, eat and sleep together. Don't get me wrong we have our times apart, but not for long.

God has blessed me with a wonderful husband, lover, companion, and friend. He's so talented and I'm amazed at all that he does, He's a wonderful preacher and teacher speaking God's word. He sings beautifully too! We are perfectly suited for one another and are similar in many ways. Although, there are a few things I don't care to do--that is okay! I'd rather not jump out of a perfectly good plane as that is his dream to do so one day.

I'm excited and thankful to be married to the man God gave me and celebrate these 30 years together! God is faithful and we're in full-time ministry doing what He has called us to do. He's blessed us with daughters who are serving Him in ministry as well.

We pastor an awesome church with wonderful people and will be celebrating 11 years this year in North Port. The Lord has brought us through so much and there is not enough room to share it all! I give Him the glory for what He' done for us in our lives and look forward to the many years ahead together as husband and wife!

I love you Keith with all my heart and thank God for you!



  1. LaDonna,
    What a beautiful testimony this is...Thank you for sharing it with us...God does bring us through the storms....

    I love "sharing" the same anniversary date with you and keith. You have us by a "few" yrs lol...

    Your love for each other is such an inspiration....

    I am so happy and proud to have the best PASTOR and the "BESTEST" friend in YOU.....

    Bless you both and many more happy yrs...

    luv ya

  2. News flash: I revamped my blog and have actually posted some lately.


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