Friday, March 6, 2009

The Intentional Woman

This month at my home church we are featuring the National Assemblies of God theme, "The Intentional Woman". The national office sent packets to all the churches so that you would have the information and tools to present this to your ladies and congregation.

We've chosen to promote this theme in our March monthly meeting. You can order everything you need from (GPH) Gospel Publishing House. The posters are beautiful! Everything is color coordinated and has a "Spring" feel to it! Check out the website by clicking on "The Intentional Woman" above to order items.

I'm excited about the program and will present the drama, which by the way is very good and relevant for today's woman.

There is a message that your leadership can speak on or just build on and make it your own.

I am encouraged that our National office has presented us something that is exactly where women are today. It addresses issues and challenges that today's woman is facing. It reaches all women regardless of where they are in their lives from single to widowed and everything in between.

Use this tool to help reach more women in your churches and community. There is a bible study, and many other resources that will benefit you in ministry to women.

So, check out your packet and encourage your ladies to become "Intentional Women".


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